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About LC Neighborhood Watch

The Lake Charlene Neighborhood Watch is simply neighbors helping neighbors to keep Lake Charlene safe, crime free, and a joy to live in. We focus on protecting our own homes against crime and noticing what is going on in our block. We do not patrol or confront suspicious persons; instead we immediately report suspicious activity to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO), with whom we have close cooperation: 436-9620. 

Residents become members of Neighborhood Watch by coming to any meeting or emailing Members can become voting members by also completing an application (available at meetings and this website) from which the ECSO does a background check.

We have block captains who are contacts for all the homes in their block.See NW Block Captains and map for more info.

Neighborhood Watch meets regularly for updates on best practices. Meetings are optional and will be posted on the website's Calendar and by email to the NW list. To join or any questions: email or see NW Contact Info.


Block areas are designated as follows. Numbers are not contiguous to allow for expansion.

  1    72nd Ave., Lake Charlene Dr. (LCD) west portion, and Bunker Hill Circle
  3    LCD middle portion and LC Ct.
  6    LC Ter.
  7    LCD east and 61st Ave. north
  9    61st Ave. middle
11    61st Ave. Condos
12    LC Lane
13    Bunker Hill Dr. north
15    Bunker Hill Dr. middle
17    Kitty Hawk Dr. northern leg                            (incl. Kitty Hawk Circle)
21    Kitty Hawk Dr. western and southern legs     (incl. cul-de-sac)
23    south Bunker Hill Dr. and Lake Joanne Dr. cul-de-sac
26    Lake Joanne Dr.
28    72nd Ave.

Posted by Steven Frakes on 06/06/2017
Last updated on 08/29/2019
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Lake Charlene...

  • close to NAS & Corry
  • beautiful lakes
  • family-oriented
  • enjoyable walks
  • private parks