Lake Charlene Homeowners Association

Covenants & Restrictions Committee

The C & R Committee helps to keep Lake Charlene as pretty as it can be! This includes regular yard maintenance, no boats or RVs in driveways, and neighbor helping neighbor to keep an attractive place to live. The Committee ensures that our Covenants & Restrictions are followed by everyone, for the best neighborhood result for all.

When you see a home that seems to be "getting behind," please remember that it may be one of our senior citizens who may need some neighborly help.

When a residence needs to be reported for further encouragement from the LCHA, please contact the C & R Committee.

Posted by Steven Frakes on 06/06/2017
Last updated on 09/21/2017
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Lake Charlene's
Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch keeps Lake Charlene safe by

  • Keeping an eye out for
              suspicious activity
  • Reporting to Sheriff's
              dispatch 436-9620
  • Applying best practices at
  • No patrols, just be aware


"If I don't call the Sheriff,
my neighbor will."

More info here or by emailing

Optional quarterly meetings on third Thursday
(January, April, July, October)