Lake Charlene Homeowners Association

LCHA Membership and Board

The Lake Charlene Homeowners Association consists of members who are residents of Lake Charlene. All homeowners are automatically members upon taking title to their home. Lake Charlene East and Lake Charlene North are separate subdivisions and not part of the LCHA.

The LCHA has an active board of five members. Board members are elected by the membership. Under its authority are several committees for practical focus within the neighborhood: Hospitality, Beautification, Maintenance, and Architecture. The Neighborhood Watch group coordinates with the LCHA, but operates independently. For more info, see Our Info - Contact List.

Annual dues are $130 in 2019 and may be increased by $10/year by the board. Larger increases require approval of 2/3 of the members. Special one-time assessments may be made for maintenance or improvements to the common areas upon approval of 2/3 of the members. Non-payment of dues may result in late fees and a lien on the property. (See Covenants & Restrictions Article VII Sections 1-9.)

Our Lake Charlene neighborhood has two common areas: the lakefront community park and the playground, both off S. 61st Ave. at the east end of Lake Charlene. LCHA expenses include maintenance and operating expenses for these common areas: repairs, liability insurance, mowing, property taxes, lighting, and electricity. LCHA expenses also can include website, attorney fees when required, and supplementary sheriff deputy patrols. All expenses require board approval.

Each homeowner is responsible to maintain their property "in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion." This includes bulkheads for waterfront homes. If there is failure to maintain a home or lot, the board will notify the homeowner so that he may come into compliance. After due notice, the board may arrange such maintenance and place a lien on the property. (See C&R Article VII Section 11.)

All structures, fences, walls, pools, playground equipment, or other improvements require prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee. (See C&R Article VIII.)

Posted by Steven Frakes on 06/14/2017
Last updated on 11/18/2019
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Report Speeders

Stop speeders in LC!

The Sheriff's Office will post a speed trap if enough people record speeding incidents.

Write down:

  • vehicle type and color
  • location and travel direction
  • date and time
  • license plate# if possible                (but not required)


Then go to the "Speeding Log" Discussion on this website or on Facebook and enter the incident info.

To try to catch the speeder in progress, call Sheriff's dispatch immediately: 436-9620. If they have a deputy in the area, they will attempt to find them.

Record speeding incidents every time. Nothing happens until you take action.