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Title Companies: mail estoppel requests to the LCHA Treasurer at the mailing address below. Annual HOA dues are $160 in 2023 and go up $10 each year. You may contact the LCHA Treasurer Jennifer Poland

Realtors: Please review our Covenants and Restrictions with your buyers. They can be found in the tab above Pages and Links. *Note* PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE WEBMASTER FOR ESTOPPEL REQUESTS.* Please call the LCHA Treasurer or email address listed below.


                                               LCHA Mailing Address:  
                                              Please mail to this address

                                             1) all annual dues payments in January
                                             2) estoppel requests anytime, and 
                                             3) new resident directory information forms.

                                             Lake Charlene HOA
                                             P.O. Box 36277
                                            Pensacola, FL 32516



Website Email:  Website questions or comments only.

Any questions about the Covenents and Restrictions Please Contact any member of the LCHA Board. Any structure change request should go to the Architure Committee. Member of the website can access contact information on the Pages & Links section. You can also email


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Pensacola, Florida 32506