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Covenants and Restrictions Highlights

The LCHA Covenants and Restrictions are for the purpose of protecting the value and desirability of our neighborhood for the benefit of the homeowners and residents.  All homeowners and residents should be familiar with them; these highlights are not a substitute for reading the complete document thoroughly.

As an aid to homeowners and residents, we offer these highlights so that we can all be good neighbors. For more information, read the complete Covenants and Restrictions document or  contact the LCHA board.  


  • All lots shall be used and occupied for single family residential use and shall not be used for business purposes.
  • For new fences, walls, storage buildings, playground equipment, mailboxes, driveways, pools, exterior changes apply to the Architectural Committee for approval well in advance of your project to secure approval.
  • Trash cans shall be kept in a walled-in area or screened from view except cans awaiting pick up on trash day.  Trash cans shall be returned from curbside out of view no later than the end of the day on trash day. 
  • Homes, improvements, and landscaping should be maintained in a neat, clean and orderly appearance.
  • No trailer, boat, jet ski, motorcycle, travel trailer, motor home, tent, camper, commercial vehicle, tractor, mower shall be parked or stored outside the confines of a garage except for infrequent short-term parking not to exceed 48 hours in any two-week period.
  • When walking pets, pet waste must be collected by the owner; and pets must always be on leash when out of your yard.
  • Homeowners and Residents have access to the Lake Charlene lakeside pavilion. This is the place for non-lakefront homeowners and accompanied guests to fish and boats can be launched from there. Residents do not have access to homeowners' lakefront property. Combustion powered boats are not allowed on the lakes and canals except for lake and canal maintenance. 
  • Lake Joanne lake frontage properties and all canal frontage properties are required to promptly repair or replace their bulkheads when needed.
  • Yard signs are restricted to one "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign; Political candidate signs only during elections and with the homeowner's permission; security signs if part of an entire security system


Posted by Steven Frakes on 06/10/2017
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