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. Covenants and Restrictions Highlights

The LCHA Covenants and Restrictions are the by-laws for our neighborhood association. All residents should be familiar with them; these highlights are not a substitute for reading the complete document thoroughly (download complete document).

As an aid to residents, we offer these highlights to trigger your memory so that we can all be good neighbors. For more information, contact the Beautification Committee.

  • Trash cans returned from curbside no later than the end of day on trash day. When the collection trucks are starting mid-morning, it is best to take them to the curb on the morning of trash day.
  • "No trailer, travel trailer, motor home, tent, camper or other vehicles shall be parked or stored outside the confines of a garage...nor shall any structure of a temporary character be used as a residence, temporary or permanent." Please park all vehicles in the garage.
  • When walking pets, droppings must be collected by the owner; and they must always be on leash when out of your yard.
  • Residents have access to the lake pavilion. This is the place for non-lakefront homeowners and their guests to fish, and boats can be launched from there. Residents do not have access to homeowners' lakefront property.
  • Lake and canal frontage properties with seawalls are required promptly to repair or replace them when needed.
  • "Landscaping should apper well maintained throughout the year."
  • Yard signs are restricted to one "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign; 
    Yard Sale sign only for a few days;
    Political candidate signs only during elections and with the homeowner's permission;
    Security signs if part of an entire security system.
  • Fences, walls, storage buildings, exterior changes: apply to the Architectual Control Committee well before your project in order to give time for approval.
  • Ours is a no solicitation neighborhood.
Posted by Steven Frakes on 06/10/2017
Last updated on 05/17/2018
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LC Commitments

Covenants and Restrictions

The LCHA C&R were established at the inception of our neighborhood. Today we vigorously keep them in order to grow our property values.


  • well maintained yards
  • no boats or RVs visible
  • garaged vehicles if possible
  • additions pre-approved
  • seawalls timely replaced


For more info, see C&R Highlights page. or download complete C&R.