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Tips for Home Beautification

These ideas have proven to enhance the beauty of any community. Many in Lake Charlene already do several of these. When many neighbors do many of these ideas, the value of our community increase even more.

  • Porch lights on dusk to dawn. Imagine the beauty of your entire block all aglow. This also will contribute to reduced temptation to crime, and is something you can begin doing this evening. Add an LED light to make the cost of electricity negligible.
  • LED landscape lighting. In the last few years, low-voltage LED landscape lights have become available. Neighbors who have installed them have noticed little difference in their electric bills. Landscape lighting on from dusk to dawn is also a primary deterrent to crime. Six to eight-light kits are available for $250 - $350 at Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon.
    Note: avoid solar lights. They cost less and seem inexpensive to install, but the solar panel stores electricity during daytime in a rechareable battery, which then runs the light at night; and the batteries have to be replaced every three to six months!
  • Lamp posts. When many homes have these, it makes a real difference in the appearance of the entire neighborhood. (Some new home communities even require them!) And this and landscape lighting are two of the most inexpensive enhancements we can all do. These are available at Home Depot and Lowes.
  • Green light. The "Green Light" is a nationwide movement to honor our veterans. Every homeowner is encouraged to install a simple green bulb in one of their outdoor fixtures. The bulbs are available during the Christmas season at many stores.
  • Fly the flag. Patriotism is one of Lake Charlene's finest attributes. The flag can be flown day and night, and more than only on major holidays.
  • Mow and trim regularly. There is nothing better than a well-trimmed yard!
  • Seasonal flower beds. Yes, a few hours' work twice a year, but oh, how lovely and worth it!
  • Plant trees. Lake Charlene has some areas with abundant trees, but others could use more. Live Oaks are the best; these must be planted in the center of yards where strong roots cannot damage foundations, streets, or sidewalks. "It is a wise man who plants an oak tree, knowing he may never sit in its shade." The next generation will certainly appreciate our planting trees now. Pin Oaks are also wonderful in front and have less intrusive roots (but be prepared to rake leaves in the winter). And Crepe Myrtles are great for color in back.
Posted by Steven Frakes on 06/12/2017
Last updated on 06/13/2017
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