Lake Charlene Homeowners Association

About the Lake Charlene Logo

The Lake Charlene logo is an attempt to capture the essence of our community. Logos must be simple in order to communicate at a glance.




There are three values embodied in our lovely neighborhood and the logo:

  • a lake community (ducks and swoosh)
  • family-oriented (little ducks with mom)
  • an upscale neighborhood

The colors and font were already used in the signage around Lake Charlene. Using them in the logo ties it all together.

Posted by Steven Frakes on 06/13/2017
Last updated on 11/21/2017
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Pensacola, Florida 32506
Save Our Ducks


Lake Charlene's ducks can be charming. But we hurt them when we feed them unhealthy food.

  • Bread makes them ill
  • Rotting bread pollutes the water

Good foods they like:

  • cracked corn or birdseed
  • cut seedless grapes
  • cooked rice
  • peas, oats, chopped lettuce