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How to Join Our Website

To request member access, go to the Membership box on the right side.

Neighborhood Link (NL) hosts our website, which includes both public and private areas. The separate private areas can be accessed only by members.

For access to the private areas, NL has separated the "sign-in" and "request for member access" functions.

  • “Sign-in” is in the upper left Welcome box, used after becoming a member.
  • “Request member access” is in the right side Membership box; start there to become a member.

The Sign-in function is for use by members once they are registered. Members can come to our site, sign-in with User Name and password, and immediately have access to the private area.

If the non-member starts with the Sign-in function, however, there can be a problem. Sign-in allows the user to register with NL generally; but after such registration, there still is no access to the private area of our website. This is because access to the private areas is only via "Request member access" in the Membership box on the right side..  

The solution, then and always, is simply to go to the Membership box on the right side and “request member access.” That is the only way for a user to gain access to our private areas.

Key: if the non-member starts in the right side Membership box (without using the Sign-in in the Welcome box), then he can enter all his information and be linked to our site in one straight-forward process.

Posted by Steven Frakes on 06/20/2017
Last updated on 06/21/2017
Membership in this website is private. Request membership access.
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Watch Orders

ECSO Watch Orders

The Sheriff's Office wants us to place a watch order on our homes whenever we will be out of town for 2 or more days.  

  • Deputies patrol daily
  • No cost to you or LCHA
  • Call ECSO at 436-9620


When we all do this, we'll have patrols in our neighborhood everyday of the year. Your home and our whole neighborhood will be safer!