Lake Charlene Homeowners Association

NW PNJ Newspaper Article

The Pensacola News Journal featured Neighborhood Watch groups in Escambia County in its front page article on 7/30/2017.

The article focuses on neighborhood patrols, but this is something the Sheriff's Office no longer recommends. In fact, they highly discourage it, because it is too easy for a "vigilante" mentality to creep in over time. Patrols may be tempted to confront suspicious activity and unnecessarily expose themselves to danger. 

Instead of patrols, our Lake Charlene NW focuses on individual neighbors practicing

  • situational awareness with the homes around them and promptly reporting any suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Office dispatch, 436-9620.
  • Watch Orders, where we ask the Sheriff's Office to patrol our homes when we will be away overnight (a free service). 
  • walking the dog, walking, and jogging: enjoying the outdoors while looking for any suspicious activity in the neighborhood and promptly reporting it.
Posted by Steven Frakes on 07/31/2017
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Neighborhood Volunteers Needed

The LCHA depends upon homeowner involvement to keep our neighborhood at its best. The following postitions are needed:

  • Chairman, Hospitality committee, open now
  • other committees have opening for members


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