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Security Tip - Porch Lights

One of the most cost effective best practices to prevent crime in our neighborhood is to turn on your porch light at dusk -- for a few hours or until dawn. With the new LED bulbs, monthly electrical cost is negligible.

New LED bulbs make it easier than ever, and they are available at Home Depot (Feit Electric) and Amazon (many manufacturers) for about $10. A built-in sensor turns on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. You leave your porch switch on and forget it. Even when you are away you are protected. And, when many homes on your street have their porch lights on, our neighborhood is not only safer but significantly beautified. Especially if you live on the lakes or canals, please do this in the back also for beautification.

dusk_to_dawn_bulbs_140x240.jpg                                      candelabra_socket_adaptor_150x150.jpg

If your porch light has a candlelabra (small) base, there are adaptors with the sensor built-in. Screw it into your socket, and then screw your bulb into the adaptor. These also are available at the same stores.

Posted by Steven Frakes on 11/07/2017
Last updated on 01/23/2018
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