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Security Tip - Motion-sensor Lights

One of the top best practices for making your home more secure is to add motion-sensor lighting on four all sides of your home. New LED models make monthly electrical costs negligible. 

Past models came on when physical motion was detected, but this included blowing bushes and dogs and cats. New models have heat sensors; they come on only with human presence.

There are two types available.
The double-head hard-wired LED lights can be continuously on via a wall-switch inside the house, or left in motion-sensing mode to come on only when there is motion outside. It may cost about $1,000 for four double-head LED fixtures with the installation of wiring to all four sides of the home. 


outdoor_floodlight_240x180.jpg                            LED_Solar_Security_light_150x125.jpg


LED solar-powered motion-sensor security lights are available via Amazon (Lutom is the manufacturer) in three physical sizes (effecting brightness) for $30, 45, and 60 (packs of two). Shown above is the small size, the mid-size has 50% more LEDs, and the large size has twice the LEDs. These can be mounted with two screws and require no wiring. The battery should last for more than five years because it is only used when motion causes the light to come on, and then it is on only for about 20 seconds. (It is not replaceable.)

Posted by Steven Frakes on 11/07/2017
Last updated on 01/23/2018
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